Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meet your Phone’s Online Twin Brother!

     Have you ever been in a situation where you lost your mobile phone but don’t have a backup copy of your contact list? If this is the case, then the feeling is mutual.

Assuming you always keep a hard copy of your mobile contacts, There will be times where you’ll miss to jot down recently saved entries. While also being able to save a complete list, The hassle of saving entries again on your new replacement Mobile Phone is a very tedious task. Imagine saving friends and families mobile information in your Phone one at a time.


Worry no more. MobyKo to the rescue!

“When I started writing blogs, this cool utility was the first one that came into my mind. I feel comfortable knowing that my important data is stored somewhere and will be available as needed.

Alright.MobyKo is an online mobile phone backup that lets you:Winking


Save your names and numbers anytime, anywhere.

No cables or software downloads needed.

View, store and share your photos, videos and texts.

Send text messages from any computer.


When you sign in, The site will guide you through an easy to follow wizard until you synched your Mobile Phone and MobyKo of your Contacts and Calendar information. Personally I didn’t encounter any problem synching My Phone. There are many Phone model supported so I Am sure you’ll find your own.

Well, I hope you liked my review and eager to try MobyKo right away. Get ready to meet your Phone’s online twin Brother! To get started. Go to Mobyko website now or click here for a step by step guide.

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